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Botswana is still considered one of Africa’s wildest and most pristine areas. The magical Okavango Delta is undoubtedly one of the main attractions in Botswana. The Moremi Game Reserve covers more than a third of the Okavango Delta. In the delta itself there are a large number of mammals and birds. Ornithologists get their money’s worth here.

No less exciting are the elephant-rich Chobe National Park and the pristine Central Kalahari Game Reserve – regions that are very dry and pose a major challenge to visitors and animals. All these areas are quite original, wild-romantic and untouched in their nature. The partly simple base camps give rise to a “real bush feeling” and it feels like being transported back to the times of the great explorers. For campers destined an unforgettable adventure.

Botswana Budget Family Holiday Accommodation

Of course, there are also some exclusive accommodations available, which can either be approached or approached by four-wheel drive SUV. A fantastic experience is also found in the sprawling Makgadikgadi salt pans. On a clear full moon night you forget the world around you here. The salt pans are a relic of former inland lakes that have dried up over the last few centuries.

Only in the rainy season, they are easily filled again and usually you will find huge flamingos in it. However, they can also become a life-threatening trap for humans and animals, such as when the muddy ground no longer gives the vehicle free or lost orientation. Join us for exciting adventures in the Botswana wilderness

The enchantingly beautiful Botswana in southern Africa is known for both the Okavango Delta, the largest inland delta in the world and a natural wonder of superlatives, as well as for grandiose landscapes and for its national parks and game reserves. These are among the best safari regions in the world.

Botswana borders Namibia to the west and north, South Africa to the south, Zimbabwe to the east, and Zambia to the northeast. The name derives from the ethnic group of the Tswana, which forms the majority of the population. About 2 million people live in the country and the two official languages ​​are English and Setswana. The latter is the native language of most locals. From secondary, English is taught. Most residents understand and speak both languages. The biggest cultural event is the Maitisong Festival in the capital Gaborone, which takes place every year in April, to which theatrical and musical groups from all over southern Africa travel.

Botswana Budget Family Holiday Accommodation

Botswana is often classified as a showpiece of Africa. Since independence in 1966, it has had a free-democratic constitution and a legitimized government. This stability makes Botswana a very popular destination in southern Africa. Annual economic growth is regularly the highest of all African countries. The reason for this is the export of diamonds. The country is characterized by two fascinating contrasts. On the one hand, Botswana consists for the most part of the Kalahari Desert, a widely flat thorn savannah, on the other hand, the Okavango Delta (UNESCO World Heritage) with its countless waterways hundreds of species habitat. About 20% of the land area is occupied by national parks and game reserves. In addition, there are protected wildlife areas that surround the parks and reserves. Unique animal and plant observations await you!

The tourist highlights of Botswana
For Botswana Travel safari lodges and camps in the north of the country are the most suitable. Practically all are far from civilization, are very familiar and after the expiry of the contract period again degradable. Wilderness Safaris, Desert & Delta, Sanctuary Retreats, & beyond and the popular Kwando Safaris families are the most popular.

Botswana Budget Family Holiday Accommodation

You have the following options to combine your trip through Botswana: you go on a flight safari and can be transported from region to region with small 4 to 8-seat planes or you can go on a camping safari where you can cover the routes by land in an off-road vehicle or in an Overland Truck Safari with other guests from an international field. There are simple camping safaris, where you have to set up your own igloo tent and comfortable, in which a local team builds up a kind of large military tent for you in advance including outdoor shower and separate adjacent sanitary tent with its own toilet bowl. After 3-4 days, the camp is then dismantled, as the state-approved campsites in a fair rotation between the various organizers for Botswana travel is divided so that everyone can once use the place overlooking the river.

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