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The Central Kalahari Game Reserve covers large parts of the Central Kalahari and was not open to the public for a long time. Staying in the Central Kalahari is like diving into another world. The vast land area, in which the horizon seems to disappear and the total peace and solitude create a fascinating atmosphere. Most of all, a trip to the Kalahari lives on its starry nights and the blue and pink evening sky over the peaceful expanse.

With a size of 52,000 km² (larger than Denmark), the Central Kalahari Game Reserve is the largest and most lonely sanctuary in southern Africa. The colonization by the San (Bushmen) goes back about 25,000 years. The Game Reserve was established in 1961 to protect the nomadic lifestyle of the Bushmen. In recent years, there has been more and more a division of the area. For tourist purposes, especially the northern part is used, because there are more wildlife.

The park has 4 entrances: Xade Gate and Khutse Gate, as they enter from the south. However, these are not very popular because of the extremely deep-sandy slopes on the driveway to the northern areas. The most used gates are the Tsau Gate in the north-west – if you are from the region of Ghanzi – and the Matsware Gate in the north-east, if you come from Maun or the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park.

Among the peculiarities of the region include the black-maned Kalahari lions and the more represented here Schabracken hyenas. The classic inhabitants of sandy savanna areas such as spoon-dogs, oryx-antelopes and ground squirrels also have their home here. Cheetahs also feel at home in the open landscapes of the Central Kalahari and use the areas for hunting.

Contrary to the general travel recommendation, in the Central Kalahari the rainy season is the most animal-rich time of the year. Large herds of oryx and springbok antelope then use the fresh green of the so-called pans (pan-grass grasslands) as a food source, which attracts predators at the same time.

Overall, there are only two permanent lodges in the region and a good campsite infrastructure in the northern part. Advance booking is necessary to get you to the park.

Due to nationally valid national park regulations, exclusively rides in a four-wheel drive vehicle are offered here as game observation activities.

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