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  • type: Lodge
  • price: From ZAR 3521.34
  • capacity: 22
Oddballs' is situated on the edge of Chief's Island, deep in the heart of the Okavango Delta. The camp is accessible by light aircraft only and is a 20-minute flight from Maun. On arrival you will be met at the airstrip and welcomed to the island by your professional guide.Accommodation is in dome tents set on elevated wooden decks, and shaded by shelters or trees. Each tent is equipped wi.....

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  • type: Safari
  • price: From ZAR
  • capacity: 16
A hidden jewel on the Xudum River, Kanana is located in the south west of the Okavango Delta. The area encompasses a necklace of islands dotted with palms, figs, ebony and knobthorn, and is home to a myriad of birds, plants and animals. The nature of the habitat means it is the perfect place to experience the diversity of species found within the Okavango Delta.Guests are accommodated in e.....
Kubu Queen

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  • type: Self-catering
  • price: From ZAR
  • capacity: 6
Introducing the Kubu Queen houseboat. This privately owned houseboat operates on the Okavango River in the pan-handle section of the Okavango Delta. The boat is moored at the small village of Shakawe in north western Botswana, which is approximately 380km from the town of Maun.Built on the water over 30 years ago, the queen has a rich history on the Okavango and is well known throughout th.....

A safari in Botswana is an exciting adventure. The flora and fauna in northern Botswana are particularly impressive and unique. Here are the most famous national parks or wildlife sanctuaries, including the Okavango Delta with its beautiful landscapes and fantastic nature reserves.

The Okavango River rises in Angola and is the third longest river in southern Africa with a length of 1,600 km. The Okavango Delta with its beautiful landscapes and its immense variety of animals is one of the absolute highlights in Botswana. The Okavango River rises in Angola and is the third longest river in southern Africa with a length of 1,600 km. Its waters seep into the approximately 15,000 square kilometer Botswana Delta basin. It is the third largest and most animal-rich inland delta in Africa – a natural wonder the size of Schleswig-Holstein!

The Okavango Delta is very well developed for tourism and offers some of the most beautiful accommodations in Africa – and is therefore very suitable for a safari. Exclusive lodges and secluded bush camps provide guests with an unforgettable stay in this stunning wilderness. On a safari, the fascinating wildlife of Botswana can be experienced up close in the Okavango Delta.

The extent of the Okavango Delta is subject to enormous seasonal variations. When the tide comes, the alluvial landscape expands to more than twice the size. However, the overwhelming amounts of water do not reach Botswana during the rainy season, but during the driest months. Thus, there is flood in the Okavango Delta, while in the rest of the country there is a dry season. Throughout this dry season, even the Okavango Delta has completely different, diverse vegetation zones.

When the masses of water reach Botswana in April, the grass pines turn green and hundreds of flowers add colorful splashes of color. In May, when the river delta fills with enough water, Botswana’s nature is magically revived. This creates magnificent landscapes in which the animals of the wilderness have their home. The tide also makes the wildlife of the Okavango Delta much more species rich. The nutritious green attracts buffaloes, zebras, waterbuck, wildebeest, kudu and giraffe.

The Moremi Game Reserve occupies the eastern part of the Okavango Delta and is characterized by rolling, varied parkland with lagoons, forest islands and remarkable wildlife diversity. The lush, verdant vegetation of the Moremi Game Reserve is a wildlife paradise and is an impressive example of why this wildlife park is one of the most beautiful in Africa.

The Moremi Game Reserve is accessible year-round. The best travel time for this part of Botswana (also because of regional holidays) are the months April to September. The months from July to October are the optimal months for observing animals in Okavango / Moremi.

Floodplains and lagoons like the Moremi Game Reserve are popular areas for reed and waterbuck, zebras, wildebeest, warthogs and baboons. Widely used are elephants, giraffes and meerkats. The Moremi Wildlife Sanctuary is especially famous for its pack of lions. The bird life is fantastic and rich (over 350 species). Very impressive are bird watching on the Khwai River.

If you arrive by vehicle in the Moremi Wildlife Sanctuary, you have the possibility to travel through South Gate from the South / Maun. Travelers from the Khwai region or from Kasane enter the Moremi Game Reserve through the North Gate. In total there are four campsites. Two are located at the aforementioned gates and are complemented by Third Bridge and Xakanaxa. These places are lower in the park on the edge of the Okavangodeltas.

Numerous lodges in the National Park area are located in the best safari areas in the delta. For example, the northern end of Chiefs Island – one of the most animal-rich regions in southern Africa.

Again, there are rules regarding activities, such as off-road driving, night driving, hikes and mocha rides prohibit. The self-driving areas are partly sandy and water crossings are commonplace. Again, we require knowledge in dealing with a 4×4.

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